Product Features

Find out more about SCALEREO product features such as:

  • Realtime stereo camera technology
  • Autostereo 3D monitor technology
  • Modular, flexible system design
  • Intuitive control concept

Stereo Camera Technology

*Applies to SCALEREO Desk

Technical Data

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Power supply 230VAC (220-240VAC)
50-60 Hz, max. 2,5A
Temperature conditions for operation and storage 10° C to 30° C
Illuminance up to 35.000 lx*
Magnification Continuous magnification factor up to 20x
(10x optical + 2x digital zoom)*
Working distance (stereo cameras to area of work) 200 to 300mm*
Field of vision 14mm to 250mm*
Auto focus Yes*
Resolution 25 Lp/mm, corresponds to 20µm single line thickness (not line pair)*
Depth of field Depending on magnification and aperture setting: 3mm to 20mm*

*For SCALEREO AddOn depending on the retrofitted analogue microscope

SCALEREO Desk Lighting Concept

13.3” Autostereoscopic 3D Monitor with Integrated User Tracking

Modular System Design

Intuitive Control Concept


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